Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New iPhone App Makes You a CNN iReporter

You can already get iPhone apps that deliver the New York Times, USA Today and NPR. Now CNN has joined the mobile news fraternity, with a $1.99 app that delivers not just text but also live streaming video and video on demand.

Most signficantly, the CNN app makes potential "citizen videojournalists" out of the 50 million users of Apple's iPhone 3Gs and iPod Touch, which are already equipped with vidcams.

Now all that amateur video can be instantly uploaded with a touch of a button to CNN's iReport site, which has already received a half-million photos and video in its first two years of operation. (Only clips used on TV are verified by CNN staffers.)

Right now the site is awash in footage of the American Samoa tsunami.

The San Francisco Chronicle's "Tech Chronicles" is impressed. Mashable loves it. Grab the app here.

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