Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hey, Google Labs, How About a 'Fast Peek'?

Google Labs just launched Fast Flip, which is an ingenious way of quickly browsing entire pages of online publications that enables the publications themselves to better share in ad revenues. Everyone benefits!

You can currently access about three dozen titles, using a variety of criteria, but even Google's own description doesn't do it justice: "Blindingly fast overviews of headline pages of top newspapers." So just go play with it for yourself.

Since Google owns YouTube, we'd like to propose a video version of this. How about a 'Fast Peek' of the top news videos? Or for the less hurried, a 'Slow Look' at some quality videojournalism. Just sayin'!

Meanwhile, if you want to see the other two dozen cool apps Google has been cooking up for you, check out Google Labs.

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