Monday, March 22, 2010

1,500th Member Joins Our Facebook Group

We're happy to report that, as of yesterday, we now have more than 1,500 members of our Facebook Group ("KobreGuide to the Web's Best Videojournalism").

Followers can not only stay abreast of new videos on the Website, but also participate in discussions on topics related to videojournalism.

If you haven't already joined, we've made it so easy that you don't even have to write down this insanely long URL -- just click on it, and then click on the JOIN button at the top of the Facebook page:

Now 1,500 is a respectable number, but it's nowhere in the league of, say, Sarah Palin's (1.5-million) or Miley Cyrus's (2-million) Facebook followers -- to randomly cite enigmatically popular public figures.

And yet we can't help but feel that videojournalism should appeal to a big crowd -- not just the myriad practitioners out there, but also the growing and increasingly appreciative audience for it.

So join the party and invite your friends. (Click "Invite People to Join" under the red KobreGuide logo at the top left of the Facebook page.) Here's that link again; second time's the charm:

Oh, and are you following us on Twitter?

Click! Follow!

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