Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Video Storytellers, Not Just Reporters

In the wake of the devastation at network TV newsrooms, The Huffington Post published insights on the future of videojournalism from NYU journalism professor Joe Peyronnin, who's been a top TV news executive for CBS, Fox and Telemundo.

We share this excerpt because we endorse its forward-looking optimism:

Recent headlines about staff reductions at ABC News and CBS News are painful, especially for those who work in the profession, and discouraging for those who are currently studying to enter the field. While uncertainty abounds, video journalism is at the beginning of an exciting new era that will present great new opportunities.

Fifty years ago the railroad companies struggled until they recognized they were in the "transportation" business rather than the train business. Network news organizations are in the "video journalism" business. Reporters should think of themselves as "video storytellers," not just television reporters. While they should embrace new production tools, they should master three essentials: original reporting, great writing and quality storytelling.
Read the full essay here.

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