Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Slideshow: A Videojournalism Student Syllabus

Wonder what they're teaching videojournalism college students these days?

Remember -- these courses didn't exist until recently. Originally they were "TV news" or "broadcast journalism." Then the newspaper folks climbed aboard, and it was labeled "multimedia journalism."

This painstakingly detailed syllabus (below) is from a class called "Web journalism."

No matter. Most of the underlying principles are the same -- only the technology changes. Or so it seems on the surface. But the accessibility and ease of using shooting hardware and editing software, accompanied by morphing audience habits, leads to some philosophical shifts as well.

This slideshow does a pretty good job of clinging to the basics while incorporating the difference between those bulky old $35,000 cameras and a modern handheld $175 Flip. And it acknowledges some of the important changes in how news is produced and consumed these days.

Adelphi University communications professor Mark B. Grabowski (pictured) explains it all for you.

And you can follow his lesson plan here.

(View more presentations from cubreporters.)

Grabowski also runs, an information-rich Website devoted to helping today's 200,000-plus journalism students break into the shrinking field.

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MG said...

Thanks for the nice post and for mentioning SFSU has a great journalism dept. Give my regards to Professor Azocar. -Mark