Thursday, March 4, 2010

Vote for KobreGuide's ONA10 Presentation

We'd like to announce that KobreGuide will be putting together a dazzling videojournalism presentation at the Online News Association Conference 2010 this fall.

But we can't. Yet. Because conference presenters are being selected partly on the basis of votes.

Whose votes? Yours!

So... we're shamelessly inviting you to take thirty seconds to vote for us -- and you don't have to be an ONA member or even plan to attend ONA10 to participate.

Simply go here:

... and be sure to REGISTER (using the link at the top right of the Web page)... and then click the "thumbs up" icon (pictured).

As you'll see, our presentation is designed to share "3 Ways to Dramatically Improve Video Storytelling."

By analyzing award-winning examples of stellar videojournalism published on KobreGuide, you will discover the keys to finding, developing and creating powerful videojournalism stories that attract and impact audiences.
Is it kosher for presenters to ask their fans, followers and colleagues to vote?

ONA says:

Absolutely. Rallying your friends and associates to vote for your proposal demonstrates energy, motivation and organizational ability. And, all of these skills are important when it comes to organizing a successful session for ONA10.
So don't delay! Vote early and often... and we'll save you a front-row seat.

The ONA10 conference is October 28-30 in Washington, DC. Hope to see you there!

Many thanks!

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