Saturday, March 13, 2010

Video: Why Local TV News is Bad for You

Here's a good short video summary of the scathing report we shared this week about the paucity of anything resembling "local" or "news" in local TV newscasts.

It's from Martin Kaplan, director of USC's Normal Lear Center, which conducted the unprecedented analysis of more than 11,000 stories aired by eight Los Angeles TV stations last summer.

There are many conclusions one can draw from this study, and plenty of blame to spread around for the failure of local TV stations to meet their obligation to keep the local citizenry informed in the markets where they hope to keep their FCC licenses.

On the bright side, we see big opportunities here for independent videojournalists to fill in those widening gaps, and to cover the city-government beats that TV newscasts have blithely abandoned ... so that they can instead free-associate about car chases from their gas-guzzling helicopters.

Also look here.

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