Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Best iPhone Apps for Multimedia Journalists

Check out the terrific roundup of multimedia iPhone apps, over on Richard Koci Hernandez's Multimedia Shooter blog. (Most are also available on iPod Touch and iPad. Some are free!)

He gives you full descriptions, recommendations and links. Here's a sampler, with digested info:

Easy Release: Replaces inconvenient paper release forms for pros.

AutoStitch Panorama: Combines multiple images to produce wide-angle panoramas with no visible seams.

ReelDirector: Full-blown video editing suite.

Monle: Records, edits and manages WAV files.

ShowCase: Records and edits multimedia slideshows

Tcoder: Enables you to take notes during press conferences, presentations and speeches, perfectly synchronized with the time code of your recorder, miniDisc or TV camera.

Pano: Takes beautiful, seamless 360-degree panoramic photos.

CoverItLive: Publish photos, video, audio in real time -- integrated with moderated comments, email and Twitter.

AudioBoo: Records and shares annotated audio on social media.

Eye-Fi: Uploads/downloads and organizes photos from your Flickr account.

Photogene: Crops, rotates, and enhances photos with filters and multiple color adjustments (levels, exposure, contrast, saturation and RGB manipulation).

Qik and Ustream: Records audio files and streams them to the Web.

Gorillacam: Enables photo features such as anti-shake, self-timer, time-lapse, continuous rapid-fire, 3-shot burst, and more.

iTimeLapse Pro: Creates stunning time-lapse and stop-motion videos.

Want more info, and the direct links to each app? Visit Multimedia Shooter.

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