Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Recycle & Remix Videos with New Creative Commons Licenses

Intriguing announcement from Vimeo that should make it easier to create collaborative video projects, even remotely:

Sharing videos on Vimeo has always gone beyond passively viewing the clips our fellow Vimeans upload. Many of us have given permission for others to take what we've done and screen it at events or chop it up and make something completely new. For a long time, we have wanted to make these kinds of permissions easier to grant, and we're pleased to announce that after working together with the fine folks over at Creative Commons, we've done just that!

Today we are launching a new Settings option that allows you to add one of several Creative Commons licenses to your videos. What does this mean? It means that while you still retain the copyright for your work, you can allow other people to distribute it, remix it or use it for a new purpose, commercial or noncommercial. All of this while still requiring that they credit you for the original work.
Vimeo notes that this is not a free pass to upload and distribute others' work, but rather to build on the work someone else has created (and licensed) with your own original contribution.

Read more about it on Vimeo, and also on the Creative Commons website.

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