Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pullman Porter Video Update

Lee Wesley Gibson, 100, (pictured) is not the oldest surviving Pullman Porter. Ben Isaacs, 105, is.

That's the Los Angeles Times update to its touching video profile of Gibson, which was recently showcased on KobreGuide: Pullman Porter and Family Patriarch.

Mel Melcon's audio slideshow detailed how working for Union Pacific Railroad for 38 years enabled Gibson to create his most cherished legacy -- his multi-generational family.

But when that story appeared, it prompted Andrew Isaacs to call the newspaper's attention to his older brother Ben, whose railroad career spanned the years 1936 to 1968... and is now 105.

The 100-year-old Gibson said he was pleased to learn that Isaacs — a man he once knew — was still alive.

"I had no idea," he said. "I've had no contact with him since we retired."
You can read about Isaacs' story here ... but unfortunately there's no video to accompany it!

If you thought this blog update was a thinly veiled ruse to call your attention to the original terrific video about Gibson, you're right! So go look!

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