Friday, July 2, 2010

Ed Kashi Joins VII Photo Agency

Photojournalist Ed Kashi has joined VII Photo, the prestigious Paris and New York-based photo agency, as a co-owning member.

In the British Journal of Photography, Olivier Laurent interviews Kashi about his latest book, Curse of the Black Gold: 50 years of Oil in the Niger Delta.

Kashi's multimedia work on that topic has been published by National Geographic and showcased on (pictured).

In this in-depth Q&A, Kashi reveals how he obtained both access and funding to accomplish the task of visually documenting such a gargantuan topic.

Here's an exchange regarding Kashi's pioneering foray into video that we found engaging:

Q: You’re a big proponent of multimedia, using audio for decades, and mixing stills with videos in projects such as The Sandwich Generation. Increasingly, with the development of video-enabled digital SLRs, video is gaining in importance in a photojournalist’s work. Are audio and video complementing still photography? How important are these storytelling tools for you? Is still photography still a powerful medium or does it need to be associated with other media?

Ed Kashi: Still photography will always exist because our brains are wired to ingest still images. The fact our brains are being rewired might change that equation down the evolutionary road, but for now still images continue to be powerful forms of communication and enlightenment. Mixing still imagery with moving imagery, audio, graphics, ambient sound, music and most importantly the voice of our subjects is exhilarating and has only enhanced our abilities as visual storytellers to tell our stories in new, dynamic ways that can reach broader audiences and break the space logjam that print media has always forced our work into.
Regarding his new partnership with VII Photo, Kashi crows (on Facebook): "The future looks bright and I am looking forward to working with such a great group of photographers and staff at an agency dedicated to so many of the values and goals I am also committed to."


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