Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Antarctic Photo Adventure: 'Hell Yeah You Go'

SportsShooter.com features "Hell Yeah You Go," the amazing Antarctic Ocean adventures of marine biologist-turned-photojournalist Adam Lau -- who just happens to be one of our SFSU students.

They say each hour spent in a bouncing boat is equivalent to downing a few beers. After four hours out, sucking down seawater, you're losing coordination. You're drunk.

Salt sprays, you spray back with the shutter. Ice rips open your lips, revealing a sick smile. Somehow you've achieved enlightenment. You realize for the first time - this is what goddamn photojournalists do. You feel like a professional for the first time. You suck Antarctica into your lungs.

You feel alive.

Water cannon hits you like a ton of bricks. Everything goes quiet. Adrenaline clears the mind. The world runs in slo-mo. Body switches to autopilot. Step A) plant the feet; step B) aim; step C) fire.
Read Adam's full account here, and look at his photography on SportsShooter, and on his own Website.

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