Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Free Online Tutorial: Final Cut Studio

We've already told you about topnotch online training in multimedia software at Lynda.com.

Now you can sample their entire set of tutorials for the new Final Cut Studio suite for free. Offer is good for members and non-members.

Full production studios and one-man shops alike need to learn the features of Apple's professional suite of video and audio production applications. In Final Cut Studio Overview, author and Apple Certified Instructor Damian Allen gives a crash-course in this all-in-one solution for any video studio or freelance editor.

Damian gives a quick look into each application in the studio, highlighting selected new features for experienced users. From video editors, color graders, motion graphic artists, and movie scorers, there is something for everyone in Final Cut Studio Overview.
Truthfully, most of it will be overkill for typical one-man-band backpack vidjos. But, as we always say, there's no such thing as too much education. And the price is right!

Should you decide to sign up for other classes (at a reasonable $25/month for all you can eat), check out Lynda.com's latest in its "Creative Inspiration" series.

It's about PowerPoint.

PowerPoint?!?!? Those horrid presentations that every Dilbert in the world is forced to sit through?

Well, this isn't your father's PowerPoint. It's taught by Nancy and Mark Duarte, the wife-and-husband team behind Al Gore’s famous slide show about global warming. They have built a thriving business out of creating high-impact PowerPoint presentations for prominent high-tech companies: Duarte Design.
This installment of Creative Inspirations tells the story of how this power duo elevated PowerPoint presentations to arguably the most compelling form of modern media. Nancy will be the first to tell you that it’s not the technology that matters most, but the story.
And that's a lesson we at KobreGuide can stand behind.

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