Wednesday, August 5, 2009

'One in 8 Million' is Taking Your Questions Now

The New York Times multimedia staff that puts together its delicious 'One in 8 Million' weekly feature is now fielding viewers' questions.

'One in 8 Million' is an oral history project in which a different individual among New York City's 8 million residents is profiled each week of 2009. As Jodi Rudoren, deputy Metro editor, put it in a memo earlier this year: "The criteria for profile subjects are simple: Interesting person. Great talker. Never before mentioned in the NYT."
We get to know each person through their own images and accompanying audio, ranging from 'Michel Kramer-Metraux: Wedding Wardrober' to 'Mark Mocha: Ex Bank-Robber.'

Times staff members involved with producing 'One in 8 Million' are answering questions from readers Aug. 3-7, 2009, for its 'Talk to the Times' feature. Questions may be e-mailed to

P.S. Compare the Times' approach to individual 'everyday people' multimedia portraits with the Washington Post's similar 'On Being' weekly series.

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