Monday, August 31, 2009

KobreGuide Top 10 List for Aug. '09

Here are the ten most popular stories on for the month of August 2009.

We weeded out the most popular stories from July 2009, since we suspect that the traffic surge for those stories this month resulted from having published that month's list, giving it the same "self-fulfilling prophecy" quality as the New York Times Bestseller list.

As it happens, these "most viewed" videos are among our favorites, too! As always, they reflect an array of interests, from a wide spectrum of sources:

Shockwaves Through My Soul

Silverton Saves Its Paper

Tiger Eye: Up Close and Personal

Women at Arms

Last Chance High School

US Citizens Born by Midwife Denied Passports

The Pied Piper

Living on Havana's Edge

Got Geese? Call the Geesebuster!

Hog Wild

Happy viewing!

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