Friday, August 7, 2009

New KobreGuide Top 10: 'Shockwaves Through My Soul'

KobreGuide brings you the Web's best videojournalism every day. The best of the best is reserved for our Top 10 section, and new entries there are rare.

Today we added a new selection.

It's the powerful and poignant story of Sgt. Jacob Blaylock (pictured), an American soldier whose return from Iraq was haunted by memories of fallen comrades. It's called 'Shockwaves Through My Soul,' by Erica Goode & Rob Harris for the New York Times.

It's a disturbing story that surprisingly gets us to know and care about its protagonist, even as it informs us about a bigger, darker picture.

There is much to commend about this moving video. Our first reaction when we watched it was, "This is why we created KobreGuide."

But first you need to see it for yourself. Anything we say beforehand will only detract from a viewer's own experience.

And we do want to talk about this video -- at length -- as we feel it abundantly illustrates all that is good and righteous about high-quality videojournalism. But not right now.

First, go watch it with fresh eyes. Then come back Monday, and we'll gladly share what we admire about this eloquently produced, heartfelt gem.

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