Wednesday, August 19, 2009 Lighter & Brighter

C'mon over and take a peek at our completely redesigned Lightscoop® Website at

What's a Lightscoop®? Glad you asked!

Lightscoop® is a smart low-tech device that creates soft, flattering light by redirecting your camera’s pop-up flash to a ceiling or wall.

Don’t let your convenient little pop-up flash ruin your photos with evil red eye, ugly shadows, hot spots, bleached out faces, underexposed colors, and blurry movement that exist only in your photographs, not in the real world.

Slip a Lightscoop® on your camera and never miss out on another fabulous picture! Lightscoop® creates soft, natural light and lets you capture the scene the way you see it.
Oh, heck -- why don't we just show you!

And now a word from our sponsor:

Where can you get your very own Lightscoop®? Glad you asked!

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