Thursday, August 27, 2009

Video Dominates Globe's Kennedy Package

Even before Ted Kennedy died, the Boston Globe assembled an ambitious seven-part multimedia biographical series on its home-state Senator that first appeared in February.

Harvard's Nieman Journalism Lab couldn't help but notice how video dominates the series. Bennie DiNardo, Globe deputy managing editor for multimedia, confirmed that "people were heavily consuming the video," contributing to the Website's huge surge in traffic especially after Kennedy died.

Some of the data suggests that video is the better entry point for long-form content. Certainly, the Globe designed its Kennedy package to give the videos more prominence than the articles. “This was the first time we tried to really produce documentary-quality video,” DiNardo told me. He said finding and making arrangements to use archival footage was particularly difficult: “It was just a whole world that us newspaper folks aren’t used to.”
Once again, proof that there's ample reason for newspaper folks to start getting used to that whole video world. Kennedy package here. Videos only here.

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